Official representative of Kepler Weber in Ukraine

Storage grain

LLC "Grain Innovative Technologies" is engaged in the sale, design, production and installation of grain storage facilities. Our experience allows us to understand the real needs of clients and offer a solution for each of them; therefore, we are pleased to say that after projects, no two installations are alike in the world.

A granary (silo) is one of the most important elements of a modern elevator, which allows storing grain for a long time, ventilating or cooling it, and, if necessary, fumigating grain. Cylindrical metal silos are designed to store all types of grain (wheat, corn, barley, rice, etc.), as well as oil crops (sunflower, rapeseed, soybeans).

Cylindrical metal silos are manufactured in two types:

- with a flat bottom, which are equipped with a perforated floor and allow using fans to ventilate the grain, and in the period of negative temperatures, to cool the grain, thus lulling grain pests. For the convenience of unloading, flat-bottomed granaries are equipped with a sweeping auger, which, rotating around its own axis, collects the remains of grain left after gravitational unloading through the unloading holes of the silo foundation.

- with a conical bottom, which is mainly used as an operational one, for the accumulation and temporary storage of wet (before drying) or dry grain (for reloading into the main granaries with a flat bottom, or for accumulation before shipment).

All granaries are equipped with filling (level) sensors and a temperature control system.

The company "Grain Innovative Technologies" is engaged in the design and construction of complete turnkey elevators based on the equipment of Kepler Weber (Brazil).

Structural characteristics of granaries, as well as their wide range of sizes from 100 to 13,700 tons, can satisfy any demanding customer. A full range of manufactured transport equipment (bucket elevators, conveyors, augers, gravity flow, etc.) of the manufacturer makes it easy to assemble and install equipment, reducing the installation time.


Technical characteristics of Kepler Weber granaries:




Grain Innovation Technologies LLC is the official representative of Kepler Weber in Ukraine