Official representative of Kepler Weber in Ukraine

Grain cleaning

Grain cleaning machines are designed for preliminary cleaning and cleaning of grain, which allows separating coarse, medium and light impurities, and for sorting whole grain from damaged. An aspiration chamber is located in the upper part of the machine, which performs the first grain cleaning - removing light impurities, blowing it out with air, and getting into cyclones or bag filters.

Reliable grain cleaning equipment is required for the elevator to work effectively. LLC "Grain Innovative Technologies" offers the best in the reliable and affordable segment of equipment that has proven itself in many domestic and foreign elevators.

Aspiration chamber

The aspiration chamber is highly efficient. It forms a grain column through which the air stream pass, performing the separation
of light impurities from grains.

Sieving box

Sieves supporting frames allow fast change. This set is provided with rubbering ball cells for sieves cleaning.
The sieving box is supported on four points by flat bars that allow their movement. The movement of the sieves set is of a rectilinear
oscillatory type,which allows great efficiency in the cleaning and classification of the product. Included is the supply of a set of
sieves with perforation gauge pattern. The sieves are flat and interchangeable for processing several types of cereals.

Cyclone (optional )

The cyclone cleans the air from the impurities exiting the machine, collecting them in a bag. The system is scaled according
to the machine’s exhaust volume and the system’s loading loss. Obs.: to the machine ML 120, there is an optional sleeve filter. For
soybean and corn, the manual filter can be used. For rice, the automatic cleaning filter (pulse jet).


Grain Innovation Technologies LLC is the official representative of Kepler Weber in Ukraine