Official representative of Kepler Weber in Ukraine

Grain transportation

Reliable transport equipment is required for the elevator to work effectively. LLC "Grain Innovative Technologies" offers the best in the reliable and affordable segment of equipment that has proven itself in many domestic and foreign elevators.

Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are designed to transport grain, pellets, seeds, biomass, etc. bulk materials. Used in technological lines of grain storage bases, feed mills, mills, biomass storage facilities and oil presses. Widely used in agriculture, where grain quality is important. Durability is guaranteed by the use of the highest quality materials.

The chain conveyors are suitable for short to medium transport distances of grain. The conveyors have a modular design with bolted connections and sealing caps, which allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors, as they have a sealed design. The chain is made of an L-shaped flat steel profile that is highly resistant to wear, ensuring high performance.


Productivity of chain conveyors varies from 30 t / h to 400 t / h.

Features of the equipment:

 High quality galvanized steel sheet.

 Heavy-duty coating - floor, scraper parts, rollers.

 NORD drive - a leader in the field of drives. (and other equally reliable)

 Strong execution and industrial construction.

 Guarantee of reliability.

 Safe and long-lasting operation.

 Low rate of impact on grain integrity.

 Low noise level

 Low electricity consumption.

 Possibility of production in the version - for use indoors

 Variety of equipment in standard and advanced options.


Kepler Weber bucket elevator line is used for vertical transport bulk grains and bran, meeting a wide range of applications .. Basic Features - economy, efficiency and reliability during transportation. The elevator structure is self-supporting and available in modular design. standardized line. Made of galvanized steel sheet mounted on the inner and external rooms without the emission of particles into the environment. Extremely robust, they are designed to work continuously with vertical movement of bulk materials in large volumes. Elevator the legs have been designed to make maintenance easier because remove the cage-type pulley by opening the side cover unnecessarily complete dismantling of the lift support.

The Kepler Weber’s Bucket Elevators Line is used for vertical conveyance of bulk grains and bran, meeting a wide range of applications.. The main
features are saving, efficiency and reliability during the transport.
The elevator structure is self-supported and available in a modular standardized line. Produced using galvanized steel sheet, set at inner
and outer rooms with no particle emission to environment.

The elevator capacity varies from 20 t / h to 400 t / h.

Extremely strong, they are designed to operate continuously with vertical movement of bulk materials in large capacities. The elevator´s
feet were developed in order to make maintenance easier, being possible to remove the cage-type pulley only by opening the side lid with no need
of a complete dismantle of the elevator’s foot.

Bucket elevators are mainly used in technological lines for the transportation of grain at warehouses, feed mills, biomass warehouses, fat-and-oil plants, etc.

Equipment features:

 high quality galvanized steel sheet

 entry and exit in the elevator head are lined with a hard-to-erase cover

 drive of NORD firm - the leader in the field of drives. (and other equally reliable)

 high tensile strength of the elevator belt

 possibility of execution in the ATEX version - for use in closed rooms Performance strength and industrial design

 reliability guarantee

 safety and durability of operation

 variety of standard and additional equipment

Grain Innovation Technologies LLC is the official representative of Kepler Weber in Ukraine